BTC: Continue to go long, pay attention to 23K

Last week, the economic data released by the United States was mixed, and the US dollar entered a period of volatile pullback. The monthly rate of durable goods orders in January recorded -4.5%, worse than the expected -4%, the largest decline since April 2020. The February ISM manufacturing PMI recorded 47.7, lower than the expected 48; However, the ISM service index recorded 55.1, stronger than the expected 54.5. Both PMIs suggest that US inflation may be more sticky than expected, which may support the future prospects of the US dollar’s trend, but in fact, the US dollar index recorded a drop of nearly 0.7% last week.

Although from the perspective of the US dollar and risk appetite, the price trend of Bitcoin ( BTC ) should have been boosted last week, unfortunately, there was negative news in the crypto circle last week. According to reports, the cryptocurrency bank Silvergate announced that it will delay the submission of its annual 10-K report for the 2022 fiscal year. Silvergate stated that “the company is currently analyzing certain regulatory inquiries and investigations related to the company.” Immediately afterwards, many cryptocurrency companies and cryptocurrency trading platforms such as Coinbase, Circle, and Tether urgently announced the termination of business dealings with it. The news caused panic in the crypto circle and put pressure on the price trend of Bitcoin .

The daily chart shows that the price of Bitcoin ( BTC ) fell sharply last Friday, breaking through the range of 23,000 to 24,000. It is currently holding steady near the upward support line of 22,000, which started on January 18, and there may be an opportunity for rebound correction in the trend. If it goes up, the initial resistance will focus on 23,000, and further up, the resistance will focus on the 20-day moving average range of 23,600 to 24,000. Continuing to break through will win the opportunity to challenge 25,000 again.

Personal trading strategy: Enter the long position at 22,000-22,400, with the first target at 23,000 and the second target at 23,600.

However, if it effectively falls below 22,000, it may usher in greater downside space, further down to 21,500 and 20,000. Therefore, it is necessary to set stop-loss strictly, and stop-loss promptly when breaking through the support. I will also continue to pay attention to changes in the market and give the latest strategies, please continue to pay attention.

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