EUR/CHF: Moving Towards 200-Day Moving Average Could Trigger Rally to November Highs

EUR/CHF is edging closer to the 200-Day Moving Average (DMA) at 0.9569, according to analysis by Société Générale.

EUR/USD: Potential for Further Gains by Month-End
EUR/USD has rebounded to 1.0850 and may see additional gains by the end of the month.

Watch EUR/CHF closely as it approaches the 200-DMA at 0.9569. A breakthrough could accelerate the upward momentum toward November’s highs at 0.9685.

This shift in sentiment is also evident in options trading, with the 1-month RR (EUR calls/CHF puts) on the brink of turning positive (indicating a premium for EUR calls) for the first time since January 2023.

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