Five hours after a $41 Million hack, Cryptocurrency Casino Stake reopened Withdrawals

The cryptocurrency online casino disclosed suspicious transactions from its hot wallets; blockchain security companies estimated that hackers had stolen at least $41 million.

UTC, all services were restored. This was a few hours after the platform verified that multiple illicit transactions had occurred on Stake’s BSC and ETH hot wallets:

The bookmaker claimed that Bitcoin


Amount: $25,756; Coin


XRP is $62.81 and Relative to

Although $0.50 wallets were unaffected, we haven’t yet disclosed the exploit’s source or the amount that was taken. However, Stake affirmed that user funds are still secure.

$41.35 million was the entire loss, according to an analysis by blockchain security company Beosin. This amount includes $15.7 million lost on Ethereum, $7.8 million lost on Polygon, and an additional $17.8 million lost on the BNB Smart Chain.

According to on-chain researcher ZachXBT, a previous estimate of $15.7 million by competitor blockchain security company PeckShield did not include the $25.6 million purportedly lost by BSC and Polygon.

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The first transaction, which sent roughly $3.9 million worth of Tether, a stablecoin, happened at 12:48 PM UTC.


Stake transfers $1.00 to the attacker’s account. The next two trades took out more than 6,000 Ethereums, which are currently valued at over $9.8 million.

Over the following several minutes, the attacker removed more tokens, including almost $1 million in USD coins.

USD Cash: $1.00 and $900,000 in Dai


$1.00 and the $75 333 Stake Classic (STAKE) token, which collectively is said to have constituted the initial $15.7 million on Ethereum.

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