SOL (Long Term Pathway)


SOL price pumped hard from 8$ to 25$ (X3) in few days
and recently price started to rejection
well, this is normal if you check my chart as price is testing strong resistance ( channel + horizontal S/R)

If you missed my entry from my last idea at 15$ (66% pump)this not the end
The next long term pathway will probably be determined in next few days according to my chart

Scenario 1 : breakout
Breakout of both resistance and closing above will send SOl directly to higher prices

Scenario 2 : rejection
Incase of hard rejection here and BTC make a bulltrap and fakeout the next best buy will be around 5$

Iam leaning more to scenario 1 but as you know this is crypto and must be ready for anything , So never trade without a plan

I hope this idea will help you in trading
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